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The first scholarship given in memory of Betty Burnside awarded in 2008.   

Scholarships Awarded to Date 2,113       Total 3,300,000.00


Members of the Board of Directors:


Mr. Robert Tolley (Pres.of Bd.)                   Mrs. Jean Hardesty

Mr. Dean C. Ramsey                                     Mr. Harry Murray, Jr.

Mr. John L. Westfall                                     Mr. Jay West

Mr. Tim Whalen                                            Mrs. Rebecca Wilson


 Members of the Selection Committee:

Mr. Daniel Phares  (Pres.)                           Mr. Ike Maxwell

Mrs. Nancy Atkinson                                   Mrs. Mickey Gerba

Mrs. Janet Wilson                                        Mrs. Carolyn Light

Mrs. Marianna Kittle                                    Mrs. LaDonne Wetzel

Mrs.Beth A. Fitch