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The first scholarship given in memory of Betty Burnside awarded in 2008.   

Scholarships Awarded to Date 2,218

        Total $3,564,000.00                        


Members of the Board of Directors:


Mr. Robert Tolley (Pres.of Bd.)                 Mrs. Jean Hardesty

Mr. Dean C. Ramsey (Sec./Treas.)           Mr. Harry Murray, Jr.

Mr. John L. Westfall                                    Mr. Jay West

Mr. Tim Whalen                                           Mrs. Rebecca Wilson


Members of the Selection Committee:

Mr. Daniel Phares  (Pres.)                         Mr. Ike Maxwell

Mrs. Nancy Atkinson                                  Mrs. Mickey Gerba

Mrs. Janet Wilson                                       Mrs. Carolyn Light

Mrs. Marianna Kittle                                   Mrs. LaDonne Wetzel

Mrs. Beth A. Fitch